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I appreciate you taking the time to find out more about me, Kylie Bertucci and my best friend and supportive husband Bruno.

We live in Werribee, a suburb of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

Bruno and I run our Stampin' Up! business together. We both do voluntary work more than 20 hours per week so Stampin' Up! is something that enables us to be able to spend time serving others.

We don't have any (human) children. We do have two fur-babies - Jasper and Bella who are the loves of our life. They are soooo adorable.


How did I become a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator?

In 2009 I was told by my sister-in-law about Stampin' Up! and how amazing it is and how she was going to join as a demonstrator. I literally rolled my eyes and said "what have you got yourself into???" she didn't say much, just said here have a look at this and gave me the catalogue. Well I don't think that I slept that night. I was tagging pages, writing up wish lists, working out if I had a party how much I would be able to get free. Within a short time I realised that I needed to join, that was the best decision I could have made!

My 'Accidental' Team

My idea for joining was that I just wanted to get my craft products cheap. Slowly, I started a class in our home. Then people started to join my team. Then, customers were buying.... I couldn't believe it. My hobby was becoming a business (lets call it a 'jobby') without me even planning it to happen. Now, across Australia I have more than 100 in my direct team and almost 300 in my full team. I have people in my team working Stampin' Up! as a business and people who enjoy the discount - we welcome all to join our team regardless!

My Stampin' Up! Awards

  • #1 Rising Star 2010

  • #1 Most Downline Promotions to Senior Associate 2013, 2014

  • #1 Most Downline Promotions to Supervisor 2013, 2014

  • #3 Top Sales 2014

  • Current Promotion Title - Executive

Incentive Trips

Stampin' Up! know how to spoil their demonstrators, every year they give us an opportunity to earn an incredible all expenses paid holiday for both me and Bruno! (mmm I wonder why Bruno is so supportive... lol)

These are the trips I have been able to earn thus far -

2012 Utah Grand Holiday


2013 Western Caribbean

2014 Hawaii Grand ***

In a very short time my team is growing rapidly and it includes many, from all over Australia. It is so much more than just craft and hand made items. It is exciting and challenging and I have learnt so much, I love being able to share that same enthusiasm with my team.

Thanks again for finding out about us! Why not join in the fun that I have with my team - and JOIN NOW? You have so much to gain - if I can do this - you TOTALLY can do it.

Disclaimer: less than 1% of Stampin’ Up!® demonstrators earn this trip.